Notes about “flutter assemble”

flutter assemble provides a low level API to interact with the flutter tool build system. It was implemented in PR #32816.

Example invocation that generates flutter_assets directory and arm64-v8 directory containing

flutter assemble android_aot_bundle_release_android-arm64 \
    --define BuildMode=release \
    --define TargetPlatform=android-arm64 \
    --output ~/Desktop

Invocation that generates flutter_assets with debug contents:

flutter assemble debug_android_application \
    --define BuildMode=debug \
    --define TargetPlatform=android-arm64 \
    --output ~/Desktop

Invocation spied from running ./gradlew :app:assembleDebug --info:

/home/bartek/flutter/bin/flutter --quiet assemble \
    --no-version-check \
    --depfile /home/bartek/dev/discover_rudy/build/app/intermediates/flutter/debug/flutter_build.d \
    --output /home/bartek/dev/discover_rudy/build/app/intermediates/flutter/debug \
    -dTargetFile=lib/main.dart \
    -dTargetPlatform=android \
    -dBuildMode=debug \
    -dTrackWidgetCreation=true \

flutter assemble is called by the Flutter Gradle Plugin, here.

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