On using smartphone for things that make sense

What a time we live in. Every one of us carries an insanely powerful pocket computer at all times, with access to the cumulative knowledge of all humanity.

Yet most of us don’t take advantage of that insanely powerful device - myself included.

I was thinking about this and realized that one cause of that is that is I’ve come to associate my phone as a device for low effort, passive content consumption – that only when I’m using my laptop, only then I’m able to be productive, to create content. And since it’s so much easier to use a phone – it’s always a hand move away – I tend to spend way too much time on low effort content consumption. I tried to combat that by deleting Facebook, uninstalling the Twitter app, and so on. Yet I still find myself spending too much time on platforms like Reddit (and HackerNews, but that’s a different topic, hah).

I’d like to change this. I’d like my wonderful phone – the device I truly love and I’m happy that I could afford it – to truly be a “bicycle for my mind”, as Steve Jobs once rightfully called a computer.

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