Let’s start over

So, here it is. My own digital garden that is not dead.

It could be called a blog, but I’ll not use this word since this word has always been putting too much pressure on me, and I ended up accumulating endless “not good enough” write-ups in my Notion.

I reserve the right to update contents of my articles at any time, but I will not break URLs.

2024-05-11 – GitHub Actions beg for a supply chain attack
2024-03-19 – Writing a custom Dart VM service extension (part 1)
2024-02-08 – On using smartphone for things that make sense
2023-11-30 – Semantics in Flutter - under the hood
2023-11-25 – Flutter Engine notes
2023-09-17 – Creating and managing Android Virtual Devices using the terminal
2023-05-27 – Suckless Android SDK setup
2023-05-26 – Let’s start over
2023-05-21 – Short thought on “The Zen of Unix”
2023-05-15 – Notes about “flutter assemble”